Welcome to the Global Graphics Software Shed! Come in, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

What is the Shed?

The Shed is our creative outlet and learning environment. It provides a physical space within the Global Graphics offices for us to let loose and try some new technology.

It’s easy in a fast-paced environment to get sucked in to solving immediate problems, and not get a chance to look at the wider context, or miss learning about a new technology that’s really cool, but wouldn’t have been appropriate for ‘getting the job done’.

Playing around with different uses for our ScreenPro™ technology

Playing around with different uses for our ScreenPro technology

How does it Work?

Most of our work in the Shed starts as a side project, and we’ve had a few so far: from exploring different use cases for the Microsoft Hololens, to raising and lowering standing desks using your hand and distance sensors.

A Hololens Project in the Shed

Once we’ve got a project together, we see if anyone else wants to join in, then we get to work. We take time between projects, or at the end of a sprint. Some of us do an hour on Fridays and others do longer periods of project work, once or twice a month. It’s informal to allows us to work in the best way for our learning style.

Once a month, we also have a lunch time Meetup where we meet in the Shed for Pizza and to chat about technology and our projects.

What Else?

Aside from the learning and social aspects of the Shed, there is another benefit that our learning and experimentation can lead back into our future work and product lines. What’s not useful right now, might be indispensable a little further down the line.

So join us, and we’ll blog and post about what we’re up to, what we’ve uncovered and what we’ve learnt along the way.


Shed Facilitator and Principal Engineer in Technical Services.